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Let's Give North Monroe a Makeover

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Sign this Petition for a Monroe Makeover
NOTE: As of 2pm, Feb. 28th, we are no longer collecting petition submissions to present to Blueprint's Feb. 29th meeting.  If you still wish to add your name please do so, as we may need to collect more names for Blueprint's May 16th meeting. Thank you for your support! 

Dear Blueprint Directors: Yes, I support the Monroe Makeover project! Please designate the budgeted amount of Blueprint's North Monroe Gateway to serve as the required 20% match for the CRTPA's Safe Streets for All federal grant application.  If the grant is awarded, we'll have up to $21 million for upgrades such as improved intersections, new sidewalks, better lighting, and safer street crossings.  These improvements will increase usability and save lives on North Monroe.  Let's make our #1 gateway a source of pride for Tallahassee!

Thanks for signing the petition!

PLEASE NOTE: Per Florida’s Public Records Law (Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes), most written communication to or from local elected officials and their staff regarding government business are public records available to the public and media upon request.  Your petition submission may therefore be subject to public disclosure.

Learn about the details of this project and why it's important to the future of Tallahassee.

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Join us for key events that will determine whether this project moves forward.

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Write a letter of support, with your company's letterhead.

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Learn more about the project approval process, the grant timeline, and how it will be funded. 

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