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February 23, 2024

Opinion editorial describing the Monroe Makeover plan and asking Leon County residents to sign the petition at

C - North Monroe, Tallahassee's No. 1 Gateway.jpg

February 19, 2024

WCTV reporter Staci Inez covers the Monroe Makeover project, interviewing pedestrians about the corridor's safety issues.   (Photo: Staci Inez / WCTV)

WCTV MonroeMakeover video segment screenshot.png

February 19, 2024

WFSU's Morning Edition Host Gina Jordan conducts an interview with Commissioner Minor on the Monroe Makeover project.  (Photo: Anna Jones / WFSU)

Rick at Planning Event at Lee Vause Park for N Monroe (photo only).png

February 12, 2024

WTXL's Maya Sargent reports on the Monroe Makeover petition drive, which is focused on bringing federal funds to make safety and usability improvements along the North Monroe corridor.  (Photos: Maya Sargent / WTXL)

WTXL story on Monroe Makeover (2024-02-12).png

January 31, 2024

WTXL reporter Maya Sargent covers efforts to improve North Monroe's public safety, as well as the new project proposal that would bring up to $30 million of federal / Blueprint funds for safety and usability improvements to the corridor.  (Photo: Maya Sargent / WTXL)


October 12, 2023

Opinion editorial from Rick Minor, highlighting private and public investments and asking the public to provide input on their priorities for North Monroe.

Planning team collecting input.png

January 10, 2022

Lynsey Kirk reports on the task force's completed report on North Monroe and its acceptance by the Leon County Commission.

Citizens North Monroe Task Force Report cover.png

December 27, 2021

WTXL reporter Jada Williams covers the North Monroe Citizens' Task Force and its report, which was adopted by the County Commission.

North Monroe map.png

December 13, 2021

WCTV reporter Monica Casey provides highlights of the North Monroe Citizens' Task Force recommendations and its upcoming presentation to the the Leon County Commission.

Citizens North Monroe Task Force Report cover.png
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